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  • Discover the single greatest, most profitable, skill anyone can develop (if you want to actually grow your trading account and make your dreams come true) 
  • Learn all this information at your own pace. It’s never been so easy for you to follow along lesson by lesson with our online video courses. 
  • Prevent yourself from making multiple trips to the bank and refunding blown accounts when you learn the strategies and techniques that actually work!
  • ​Uncover the secret patterns the top traders have been using for years to find winning trades! (To be successful you’ve got to learn these patterns and formulas and we give you the cheat sheet!)
  • ​Find the “secret sauce” in each of our trading strategies… when you get any of our courses you will literally hit the “motherload!” (This puts a well designed plan in your hands that you can implement right away!)
  • Figure out the​ single biggest “truth” about trading that, once you understand it, will open your eyes to a whole new way of how you will trade stocks and securities (WARNING: once you uncover this you’ll never be the same again… there’s no turning back)
  • ​Master the trader mindset. Understand what it is and how to develop it. (And, more importantly, how to use it to propel your life and trading forward at hyper-speed.)
  • Identify the fastest and easiest way to “define your trading style” so you can trade in a style that matches your personality and lifestyle!
  • ​Save your precious time trying to find stocks to trade when you join Day Trade Lifestyle you will get our customized watchlist and proprietary stock scanners guaranteed to present you with trade opportunities.
  • Gain your time back and don’t miss out on another birthday or celebration. Enjoy the finer things in life like concerts, traveling, and taking your significant other out to that really nice restaurant without worrying about the cost. 

Stock Trading 101: Putting The Puzzle Pieces Together

This course explains all the essentials and how to execute basic stock trades.

Insane ROI Course: How To Trade Stock Options

This course explains how to execute stock options. 

Playing The Probabilities With Credit Spreads

This course explains how to execute credit spreads.

Beat The Algorithm: The Power Of Swing Trading

This course explains how to swing trade at the end of the day.

Scalping The Market: Trading When The Market First Opens

This course explains how to execute trades when the market first opens.

Gain The Power Of Consistent Income With Strangles 

This course explains how to execute both strangles and straddles.
Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some of our most popular questions
Can I Trade Stocks By Myself?
Yes it is fully legal to become a trader. You do not need a special license or any college degree to trade in the stock market. You can learn to trade right here at Day Trade Lifestyle and start living the life you've always imagined!
How Much Money Do I Need To Start Trading?
You can start with as little or as much as you want. Some of our students started with $500 all the way up to $25,000. Just depends on what you are comfortable risking in the early stages. It is important to know if you do not have experience trading you should start with a small sized account and work on becoming consistently profitable. Once your strategy is time-tested and proven to earn income then it's OK to add more funds.
What Is The Best Online Brokerage For Beginners?
TD Ameritrade is one of the most well-known online brokers in the world, which gives it some immediate credibility. There aren’t any subscription or platform fees with TD Ameritrade, which is one great selling point. There’s also no minimum cash deposit to create an account. They also have two different trading platforms: TD Ameritrade and Thinkorswim. We strongly recommend traders to use Thinkorswim and become proficient of the platform using paper money prior to trading real funds. We have brokerage tutorials in our Stock Trading 101: Putting The Puzzle Pieces Together course.  
How Should I Prepare Before a Trade?
Before you begin trading you must prepare a trade plan. In your trading plan you'll start by mapping out your criteria for the trade. This means identifying which trading style you will be using along with your favorite setup on the charts. Once, you have identified a stock that meets your criteria it is important to determine your entry, exit, stop loss, and price targets. Trading is much like business....You would never invest in a strangers project without first seeing their business plan. Just like a well thought out business plan is essential to you before investing in anything the same should apply to your trading plan. In each course we offer very detailed criteria for you to use to craft a trade plan that matches your trading style and personality. 
What Makes A Successful Trader?
Dedication to learning....We did't become rock star traders overnight. It took time before we became consistently profitable. Our advice to new traders is to invest in yourself. If you aren't willing to bet on yourself nobody else will. Trading is one of the most rewarding skills you can acquire. It practically gives you a way to earn income from the comfort of your own home or anywhere with internet. You should leverage the experience of those who have been trading for years to help make this journey easier for you. 
What Is The Pattern Day Trader Rule (PDT)?
The pattern day trader rule restricts traders from making more than three day trades per week if they have less than $25,000 in their trading account. A day trade is when you buy and sell shares on the same day. (Or sell and cover if you’re shorting.) Most new traders hate this rule however it definitely helps you focus on becoming a disciplined trader that only trades the best setups.
Can I Trade With a Full-Time Job?
Yes, you can trade with a full-time job. The key is finding which style best suits your work schedule. Our recommendation is you take the Beat The Algorithm: The Power of Swing Trading course and learn our strategy for end of the day trades. These kind of trades require less time managing during your work day. 
What is Margin?
Margin is a type of account you can have with your broker. In a margin account, when you sell stocks, the cash value is immediately available in your account to reinvest. In a non-margin account, you will have to wait 3 days for the cash to become available. When you have a margin account, brokerages also give leverage, often up to 4 times which means that a trader’s cash balance is multiplied by 4, and that’s the amount of money available to buy or short stocks. So if you have a 25k balance, you will have 100k in total buying power. The 75k is margin. Margin accounts do have their share of risks associated with them, as losing money in a margin account could mean that you owe money to your brokerage.
When Should I Consider Trading Full Time?
This is tough to say. One of our students is a doctor and he recently took his account from $20k to $312,000* and he is asking himself the same question. He let us know he plans to keep his job for the meantime but is so glad he learned to trade his own money. 

[*These results are NOT typical. Roughly 90% of traders lose. Always remember trading is risky, and never risk more than you can afford.]
Why Do 90% of Traders Fail?
Stock trading is the most professional profession. Most traders fail initially because they do not spend enough time to study and prepare themselves for live market trading. It is recommended to work on, test, and refine your strategy on paper until you find your edge. If you want to speed up the process of finding your edge then it you should entrust a mentor to teach you what you don't know. 

The best quote we've heard from one of our mentors was this:
"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together".

We developed our courses and exclusive room for serious traders that want to learn how to trade. We take this very seriously and are always updating our courses with the latest strategies and techniques that we ourselves use. 
Day Trade Lifestyle makes no claims or representation that by using Day Trade Lifestyle you will earn money or make your money back. Testimonials shown are real experiences from paying users of Day Trade Lifestyle or other trader education companies. Their results are not typical, and your experience will vary based upon your effort, education, the trading strategy that is implemented, as well as the market forces beyond anyone’s control.
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