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Refund Policy
Refund Policy: Our refund policy states that: When a member signs up they immediately benefit from the knowledge of the stats, analytics or from the newsletter leaders, we do not give refunds, only in the case of the Thompson Guarantee.

Michael Thompson believes so much in the power of Day Trade Lifestyle that he is personally guaranteeing that anyone who completes the introductory course Stock Trading 101 in its entirety (100%) and implements the knowledge and still isn't happy can request a refund with support at or on the support page link here.

Day Trade Lifestyle is also offering those who are just curious about our program can try us out with Stock Trading 101 and if ever you do decide to upgrade to the Elite Lifetime Bundle that the introductory course purchase value will be applied to the Elite Lifetime Bundle purchase.

If you sign up, plan on enjoying full access to Day Trade Lifestyle. There are no refunds other than in the case of the Thompson Guarantee including partial refunds for new promotional events, incorrect coupon code usage, or any bundle offer that includes the course you previously purchased. Our membership must be paid in one lump sum payment which will in turn give you access to the courses you purchase.  

There is no refund if a member is found to be spamming other websites, email addresses, free email sign up pages or any such solicitation to join another service. All such issues shall be reported to us via the contact page. Any member that solicits another site or service via the site or Facebook Private Groups shall have an immediate account termination with no refund for the courses or bonus materials.

Due to the sensitivity of our industry we track our member accounts in many various ways. If a member is caught selling/ sharing access, or otherwise found violating any of our policies in anyway we may, in our sole discretion; cancel, suspend, or terminate your account.
Day Trade Lifestyle makes no claims or representation that by using Day Trade Lifestyle you will earn money or make your money back. Testimonials shown are real experiences from paying users of Day Trade Lifestyle or other trader education companies. Their results are not typical, and your experience will vary based upon your effort, education, the trading strategy that is implemented, as well as the market forces beyond anyone’s control.
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